Our Team

We, at NeuroWave, are dedicated to safer patient care through innovative brain monitoring technologies for improved cerebral protection and patient outcomes. Our team is our most valuable resource and includes people with strong multi-disciplinary expertise in leading-edge biomedical research and medical device development. Our highly-skilled human capital is comprised of dedicated and talented business/project managers, scientists/researchers, software developers, electronics and mechanical engineers, legal/intellectual property experts, clinical compliance and neurophysiology specialists, and manufacturing and quality/regulatory professionals with extensive experience in the medical device industry.

NeuroWave Systems Inc. is an ISO 13485 medical device company, committed to develop and commercialize the highest quality medical devices. Our team specializes in advanced signal processing technologies, medical software, and electrophysiological device development according to the latest applicable safety, EMC, risk assessment, and software IEC/ISO/UL standards for medical devices.

Our History

NeuroWave was formed in 2003 to develop advanced brain monitors incorporating intelligent algorithms for the automated assessment of brain function in real time. We initially operated as autonomous division of Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. (CleveMed), a pioneer of telemetry-based patient monitors for sleep disorders and movement disorders. NeuroWave spun off in 2007 from CleveMed. In 2010, the two companies finalized the license agreement in which CleveMed formally transferred to NeuroWave brain monitoring technologies including anesthesia monitoring and seizure detection technologies previously developed by the NeuroWave Division of CleveMed (press release).